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Are you attracting people to your business? Do you even know WHO you want to attract? Our most successful leaders are those who are very clear about the type of person they want to help and who they want to attract. Since customers are a focal point of your business, you need to be clear who they are. What motivates them? What do these people want and need? How can you help them? How can you find them?? 


Craft your messaging so that is directed at these people, and post it where THEY are. Get in their mindset. Are they checking out Pics on Instagram or DIY's on Pinterest? 


As your emerge as a leader it is important for you to answer these same questions when it comes to the Coaches on your Team. What type of Coach do you want to attract? Remember that you are the CEO of your business and the one in control of the strength and culture of your Team. Are you attracting people who are business builders? If not, why not? What are you saying when you describe your business to people?


For today answer these questions:

• Who are you?

• What do you do?

• Who do you do it for?

• What do those people want or need from you?

• How do they change because of what you offer them?



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