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So becoming a ranking coach as each of you are is fantastic, but becoming a successful leader takes a real commitment. It is all about viewing this business opportunity as a real business and considering yourself the CEO. 


Are you acting like a CEO? What does that mean exactly? This means treating your business like a business and not a hobby. This means taking ownership that it‘s not your upline Coach‘s fault if something doesn‘t go well—it‘s your business, and you own it. 


There are always going to be bumps in the road—it‘s business—this just happens. The second you get caught up in the negativity you will start to sink your own ship. Something on back order, your upline does something you don‘t like—and you start to chatter along with other people—guess what, you create a sense of upheaval and discord. You are the victim and no longer the advocate. So it is up to you how you proceed as your own CEO. 


I can honestly say that each time I lead a training, I learn and grow right along with you, and I can provide you with multiple resources to teach you the skills you need to become successful, but you have to take responsibility. Watch the Summit workshop Activities to Create a Full-Time Income: Hobby vs. Career and share your top 3 takeaways.


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