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CONGRATULATIONS!!! You made it. Don't be to hard on yourself if you haven't made it to Diamond yet by the end of training. We each grow our buisnesses at our own pace. And becoming Diamond is more about YOUR team and how they are doing as coaches. 


If you've completed each of the lessons you have been intentionally growing throughout this program, stepping outside of your comfort zone, and learning to be a better more effective leader and communicator. I promise if you conintue to apply the tools presented in this training YOU WILL be a diamond and star diamond Coach. 


Don't stop here. This is just a jumping off point. If you did make Diamond CONGRATS!!! You have officially claimed the CEO role of your business and are on your way to growing a successful team. This was step one. Step two will be to stay CONSISTENT in the following areas to make your team SOLID.


  • Continue adding coaches to your team, educating your coaches, helping all your buisiness builders get to emerald and diamond, and lead kick butt challenge groups.

  • Train your coaches, own your roll and invest in them. 

  • Focus on the success of your team, that is where the real success lies.

  • Continue revisiting your Leadership Roadmap, recognize who is willing and ready for your mentorship to guide them to Diamond.

  • Keep helping your coaches achieve Emerald and solidifying relationships with all your coaches.

  • Build brand loyalty in your TEAM. Getting to Diamond is no small deal, but it doesn't stop there and you need to keep building and connecting with your coaches on a regular basis.

  • Lead by example...You can't control your coaches or your coaches coaches, but you can inspire through YOUR action.

  • Have fall back plans. A successful CEO would NOT have their whole business riding on the reliablity of 1 person.  If one of your emeralds decides to become a hobby coach instead of a business builder, lay the foundation NOW to have other leaders growing in the process. 

  • Be consistent in your leadership and NEVER stop growing. Set up a plan to INTENTIONALLY GROW,  so that you are always thriving and pushing your boundries of what is possible. 

  • Be an example of the three vital behaviors and know that you have what it takes to go far and help LOTS of people if you stay true to why you became a coach, helping others, and being a leader with integrity. 

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