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The secret to success in this business IS...  helping OTHERS be successful. You promoted to Emerald and now in order for you to achieve your goals it is all about helping your Coaches build their businesses by getting to Emerald and beyond.


Today, take a look at your Diamond Coach Business Model that you started the first week. Where do your Coaches stand? Remember the Color Code test you took in Coach Basics, well that is a great indication that we are each motivated by different things.


If your new Coaches are not returning your messages or texts it is time to pick up the phone and give them a call, especially if they‘re a Yellow! They might have questions that you are not even aware of. Reaching out to them can give them the confidence they need to regain the enthusiasm they had when they first started. It is always a good idea to be in contact with your very new Coaches on a regular basis. It is so important that we created a tracker for you to do it: NEW COACH TRACKER.


As we wrap up our 30 days of this training it is important to be sure that you are bringing your Coaches along on the journey with you.


Today, take a picture of your Diamond Coach Business Model and share it with the Group. Who on

your Team needs you to reach out to them?

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