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Module 1: Hey Mama, Let's get started

YEAY!!! YOU MADE IT! Welcome on your next step toward "Greatness" ;) I am so excited that you've joined the Viva Vida Wellness Community with your All Access BOD Pass!!


First let me say, Congrats on taking this IMPORTANT Step in your Health & Wellness Journey, and THANK YOU for choosing me as your coach! I LOVE health & wellness and my great passion is helping others fall in love with their own health & wellness so that together we can all ENJOY and LIVE life more fully. 


These modules are meant to help you do just that by getting you started on your journey with CONFIDENCE. I will be here to guide you along the way breaking down each step, simplifying the process, and giving you what you need to know to get going. All you have to do is SHOW UP & DO THE WORK! 


I ask that you PLEASE avoid every temptation to skip ahead, and that you take time to go through each module, completing the short assessment at the end so I know you're READY TO GO!!  


We'll be tackling Fitness, Nutrition, Supplements, Mindset, Goals, and Support, in summary.... I'VE GOT YOU. 

I'll be asking you to "TAKE A TIMEOUT" at the end of each Module to answer a question or two, to make sure you're ready for the module. I'm here to make this as simple and streamlined as possible for you, all you have to do is bring your Heart & Hustle.... I'll be on the other end with mine. 

Before moving on to MODULE 2 check out this Great Outline of how the journey your embarking on works together


"You don't have to be great to start, but you do have to START to be GREAT!!"



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