If you want to make a real connection with your customers and Coaches then you NEED to learn how to make effective videos! It is a fact that when people see your face and can see your eyes, they build a stronger relationship with you. You may be noticing that simple effect because of the video conferencing we do with this Group.


You become friends much faster when you can actually see the other person. You by no means need to be an expert and there are some simple strategies to help you meet the needs of your Beachbody business. You have already been asked to post a video introducing yourself for the Group, but now we will build on those skills. For today, check out How to Create Effective Videos—Part 1 (LINKED BELOW) The Setup to learn the basics about the equipment you can use to get started. Then, take a look at How to Create Effective Videos—Part 2 (LINKED BELOW) The Content and fill in the blanks to develop your content. If you follow this plan each time, it will become easy for you when you want to share another video.



Share the top 3 topics that you think will be important for you to cover in a video.

Pick one of your video topics and post a brief, 2–3 minute video

here for the Group. Ready, set, go!






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