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This may be a review for many of you, but it is extremely important to be able to answer the questions you might get from your new Coaches. Understanding how to build Team Volume and earn Team Cycle Bonuses is vital for your business growth.


Watch this brief (and fun!) video How to Earn Through Rank Advancement for a great explanation. It will show you how to increase your earnings through Team Volume and earning the Team Cycle Bonus and how important it is to focus on your Team and build volume rather than focus on your title. Rank doesn‘t increase your bonus but building a sustainable business will.


When you bring strong Coaches onto your Team who work the business, your income will steadily grow. It is all about having a solid foundation of customers and Coaches for business growth. Still have questions, let me know!


Are you curious as to the earning potential based on Coach Rank? Go into your Coach Online Office and check out the Statement of Independent Coach Earnings located in the My Business section under My Forms and Documents. Go and check your volume on both legs and share 3 things you can do to make sure you hit your cycle bonus.


ALSO... Be sure you check out this video from Scottie Hobbs about Advanced Placement of your Coaches to Optimize your earning potential. 




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