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By now everyone should understand how vital it is to use the 5-Step Invitation Guide to be successful in setting up Challenge Groups. What’s your success like so far? Take a look at the contact lists you have been filling out along with your previous BATs (are you using your Business Activity Tracker???? How are you tracking your progress)


  • How many people have you invited?

  • How many people expressed interested in joining?

  • How successful are you at getting to their deep emotional motivation? (If people are not signing up because 'it's too expensive' or you don't hear back after you've given them a price then it's because you didn't spend enough time getting them to talk about their WHY.)

  • How have you been using the F.O.R.M. method in the process?


Based on the answers to the above questions, how many people do you need to invite and follow up with to make your goal this week? Are you following up with anyone who has expressed interest. 


** The fortune is in the follow up!!** Don't underestimate the power of following up with people. 


Once you've invited and have people interested or willing to commit. Ensure that they have filled out your Free Member Enrollment. Now it's time to officially launch your Challenge Group and/or Private Community Page. 

When you open a private group health page, don't expect people to know what to do. It's like if you held an event but no one knew what it was about - they just show up and have no idea what they are doing, and if the party doesn't get going soon - they leave. Make sure you put some posts up in your group, inspiration boards, videos, action steps for them to take before you invite them in.


For example, when I first opened my private health group Jac's Fit & Health Group I put up a video that told people what to do and was sure to tag them in the video. It wasn't fancy. I was just me thanking them for being part of the community and asking for them to participate. It told them what people where doing in the group. Even though no one was doing anything except me. I posted my intro and asked them to, I posted my food journal and workouts and asked them to do the same, I shared recipes and asked them to as well.


You HAVE to lead by example. It made people feel like when they came in there was some action happening. The community was already forming, and the tribe leader was going to make the group fun, simple, and supportive. PS- you are the tribe leader.


Today, (if you haven't already) open your private health/wellness/fitness/challenge group FB page. FB will make you add one person, so just add me so you can get your page up and running and start adding pictures, recipes, a video, and simply to think what you want your health community to be about. You'll be inviting your challenge participants in here to do the program you are on with you, and you may invite others in for a 5 day clean eating challenge, so they too can see how fun and supportive it is to get involved with you as a coach.


I recommend making a video to welcome in your participants. Let them know whey they've arrived and have been invited. Have an action plan and let them know THEIR next step. Example: "Please post your intro at the top of the page with a photo, share with us your health and wellness challenges and goals. This group is to log our daily workouts and food journal, to encourage each other to live our healthiest lives, and to have a space of support to help us reach our goals. Please post nightly and comment on one another's post. Your participation in this community is KEY to your wellness success. you'll get out of it, what you put into it."


One way I've found to keep challengers engaged is by utilizing 3 posts a day. At 5 a.m. Post #1 goes up via Hootesuite Post one changes everyday and is meant to engage you participants. Examples would be take a pic of your workout space and post it here to the group. Another would be What is on your workout playlist, that helps you get moving? Ask a question, give an action item, get your members to be engaged. An outline of the 3 posts a day format can be found under the files section of our Team Viva Vida Page. 

For those of you who have already started your community, and your group is trucking along, how can you add a little flavor? Add a video with a tutorial that they can gain from. Use what your niche is. For example if you are a meditation/yoga teach teach a 15 minute yoga flow or meditation for them to follow. If you are all about diet - post a video of 'upgrades' they can make in their kitchen. If you are all about health books, post a video on which books you LOVED and taught you so much. If your group isn't doing the challenge you are on - make a video talking about what you are doing and how it's changing you. NOT SALES - how it's effecting YOU. It's personal, emotional, and gains interest. Also take the opportunity to send personal messages to check in from time to time with your challengers. 

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