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5 Day Challenge Groups, bringing in new clients, AND how to move a 5 day challenger into a paying client.

One of the most effective ways I have found to get challengers enrolled is to start with a FREE discussion group or  5 day Clean Eating Challenge. This is a great way to introduce your friends to your style of coaching, your community, and have them stay accountable with their best habits and goals. It's also an excellent way to introduce them to Shakeology (via the 4 pack sampler, or even a fully refundable full bag). Utilize the power of SHORT INFORMATIVE videos to coach them on how to set themselves up for a successful week of clean eating. To do this consider making a prep week prior to your 4-5 day challenge so your community is really together 11 or 12 days.


During prep week I generally post a video daily with tips to clean and organize the fridge, how to make a superfood shake with shakeology, which foods should be enjoyed more and less, how to maximize results, etc. It all starts with video one where i ask them to introduce themselves to the group and ask them to get their shakeology ordered, they are emailed a pdf file (which i'll post in the files section of this page) that tells them exactly their steps for the challenge. After prep week (during the 4-5 day challenge) I post a shakeology recipe once a day with a picture for them to make using their sampler pack, and BEFORE the challenge is over I post a video like the one attached below, letting them know how they can stay involved in the community and continue to see results. By then they've been in the group 11 or 12 days, they are committed, have most likely embraced positive shifts, lost a little weight, and want to stay connected to the group for inspiration. 

Listen to the National Wake Up call below. Start it at 25 minutes in and learn the importance of these 5 day challenge groups for not only re-inspiring your clients but building a larger client base as well. Start the call at 25 minutes in.




Watch the attached video here for inspiration of what to post before the end of their 5 day challenge. YOU NEED TO CONTINUE TO INVITE THEM, even once they are in your community. This is how you turn potential clients into paying clients, and how you get your clients on one challenge to purchase the next.