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We are more than half way through the month, and it's time to lay some serious foundation for your next challenge group or promo. Have you already decided what that is going to be?


You should be checking the breaking news in the coach online office DAILY. This is where each months Promotions are listed and codes for new Challenge Pack promotions will be posted.


Check out this months promotions and decide which one  you choose to run with and plant some serious seeds! It's also a good idea to have a program that you offer every month. This is usually your favorite program. For me I always offer P90X3, 21 Day Fix, T25, and PiYo. These are the programs that resonate most with me. I offer 30 Day Challenges and each month have a different focus. For example this month I'm combining 2  programs I love and offering a PiYo/21 Day Fix Hybrid Challenge. Other coaches run Faith and Fitness Programs with daily devotionals. Or Gratitude and Move Challenge, where you post daily gratitude exercises to inspire more than just the physical. I combine all my challenge groups into one, but occassionally offer up a program specific Challenge Group and I create a FB event invite to send out to all my contacts. 


Give some thought to how you can personalize your challenge group. Maybe it's a bootcamp, or you have a specialty for making short video fitness or yoga vids of your own to share with your group. Or if your passion is clean eating or Paleo, maybe you share a recipe each day. Decide and promote your challenge as something special to your niche. 


**Some awesome things to promote... 

  • The 3 Day Refresh- a 3 day version of the Ultimate Reset that allows you to jump start your system by providing a complete 3 day meal plan, ShakeO, and additional fiber and protien supplements to reboot your system in just 3 days. It's available as a Challenge Pack and launched this past Monday. Available NOW

  • 21 Day Fix always a great quick program

  • PiYO!!!! One of the newest programs and let me tell you from personal experience this program is AWESOME!! Low impact but High intensity. You work up a sweat and get strength and functional flexibility training that feels great and gets results. 

  • Get ready for the release of P90. This low impact program from Tony H, will be great for those just starting their fitness journey. 


Info on all of these programs can be found in your Coach Online Office Under the FAQ section. 


If you're planning a challenge for NEXT MONTH... You can't possibly put together a five day clean eating challenge overnight and expect it to be a success. It doesn't give your clients time to decide if they want to do it, look at any materials you share, or even order the product/shake (takes 7-10 days to ship). Make your social media posts reflective of that which you are trying to promote in a very understated way. If one of these programs doesn't resonate with you, promote the program you're currently doing.


For example, in Feb I was promoting the Ultimate Reset for a Mid March Start Date. So even though I was still INVITING everyday for individuals to join my other running challenge groups (T25, X3, combat, 21 day fix, or even just coaching), I was laying foundation via social media on the importance of spring cleansing and post in valuable content for my reader. Each  month I look at what is being offered as a special and decide how I plan to share that months promotion. 


This is the newsletter I sent out in Jan to promote the 21 Day Fix Launch in Feb. : 






ALSO remember if you're not quite ready to start your own challenge group team up with another coach on Team Viva Vida OR talk to your coach about sponoring people into theirs and allowing you to appretice by taking on doing a post each week. 


Use the "pic play post" app on your smart phone to record yourself doing the workouts from your favorite program, or the program you are planning to promote, and post then on IG (instagram) or FB, with an invitiation to ask about your next challenge. Or simply ask them to post their email for more information. Be ready with a response letter with info about the program. But before you just send them your link to order take sometime to ask them about their goals and FORM them. If someone comes to you asking about a program 9 times out of 10 they will NOT get it from you if all you send them is a link to order. You would say "Thank you for reaching out about my challenge. I'd love to get to know about you and your goals so I can help you decide if this program is right for you. What is your current activity level? What is your nutrition like?" 


Starting the relationship like this tells them you are about more than just a "sale". You want to know about them and their goals, and truly help them to acheive theri goals. 


Another great way to share what programs are about is including a promo video link in your emails. Be sure you are using YOUR video link from the back office not just a generic one off of You Tube, because those videos are linked to other coaches and will direct your viewer to order from them. Your videos can be found in the back office under the Sales and Marketing Tab --> Marketing Tools --> Then Pick which program you are promoting --> Find The Video Tool option and copy and paste the URL for the video into your email. Also be sure to save this vide URL in your important links doc to have on hand the next time you need to share it with someone. It might also be a good idea to customize your video link using TinyURL>


HAVEN'T SEEN one of these videos yet?? Check out THE PIYO VIDEO. WATCH IT HERE, BUT MAKE SURE YOU UPDATE WITH YOUR COACH ID BEFORE using it for yourself:


This is my tiny url for it:






So tell me, how are you laying foundation?

Your exercise for today is to START laying foundation:

1. decide what promo/challenge groups you are going to run
2. start adding valuable (not sales-y) social media posts around it
3. consider doing a newsletter or EVEN MORE EFFECTIVE try a Facebook event invite.
4. If you go with a Facebook event invite make sure you keep the energy in that group by commenting every couple days and posting inspiration boards, before/after pics, or any valuable content that would get individuals excited to sign up!

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