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Good leadership is a marathon, not a sprint! Today please listen to the National Wake-Up Call – Lessons in Leadership WITH MELANIE MITRO and share your top 3 takeaways with the Group.



In addition to listening to the past call with Melanie and checking out the videos from John on Leadership I want you to position yourself as a leader by posting/sharing something of VALUE in our main Coach Group. It can be something that has helped you with time management, it can be a Facebook or Challenge Group post that you got a lot of feedback and activity on, it can be something about recruiting, it can be something about how to get more traffic to your YouTube, blog, or Facebook page. The sky is the limit, think of something that is helping you move the needle with your biz and SHARE it! TOGETHER, we are better! I've also provided the link to the Full Audio Book 21 Irrifutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell. If you haven't started reading I HIGHLY recommend you do so and get ready for the amazing opportunity for our team to be mentored by John over the next year. 


What topic will you be sharing about?


 Link to FULL Laws of Leadership AudioBook 



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