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Staying organized will be an key component of your success

Being a coach takes efficient time management to successfully fit your new Beachbody Business into your day. We all have the same 24 hours int a day, but it's what we do with those hours and the "quality" of work we do that moves our businesses in the right direction. 


In this video Melanie Mitro goes over the breakdown of a coaches schedule. But remeber there is no cookie cutter solution for everyone. 


One of the techniques I empoly is the RSVP method, that I've broken down below. This technique was shared with me by a top coach turned Beachbody Corporate Exec LeeAnne Ruff, who is one of my mentors. Put everything on your calendar that pertains to family FIRST!!!! I pride myself that on my team we are moms and wives first and that we can still grow a successful business while making that our top priority.


Once all family related items are on the calendar, see what blocks of time are available for you to work your new business. If you have 3 hours or only 1 hour, divide that time equally between the following 4 areas. This will ensure that you are growing a well balanced business.


R- Recruitment (Recruiting coaches is an instramental part of your buisness. Spend this block of time focusing of how you will bring them in, making posts, inviting to a Sneak Peek group or webinar, writing emails, or scheduling calls with people interested in the coaching opportunity or people interested in joining one of your challenges.)


S- Sharing (Focus on helping existing and new customers by checking back in with them about how they are doing on their program or shakeO and providing them excellent customer service. Possibly introducing them to other products that BB has like E&E or other workouts. Speak with them about inviting friends and family into your community and referring you. Spend this time inviting more people, sharing your story and targeting people who you are trying to attract. Always bring value to your target audience. Plan and strategize your messages)


V- Very New Coaches & Clients (This may be when you send out your welcome email to new challengers or new coaches. This would also be when you would schedule a GSR (*getting started right) call with your new coaches and get to know what their goals are and how you can help support them in achieving them.


P- Performers (This step will be important as you start to grow a team of active coaches and leaders. This is the time spent answering their questions, leading Zoom calls and webinars, doing coach trainings, and helping them grow their business by mentoring and advising.)

It's important to find a balance of these four areas because focusing on only one will not help you build a solid foundation and maintain growth of your business.


Also don't get sucked into the Abyss of Facebook or online surfing. It is a HUGE time suck. Instead set a timer for each task and let NOTHING get you off track. Sit down to do something with intention and get it done first, no answering PM messages or texts. Knock it out and move on to the next thing.


I keep a To Do list on my phone that I reference hourly to keep me on track. Start thinking about keeping a well maintained To Do List and if you need help please enroll in Chalene's FREE 30 Day Push Program Online

It has helped me tremendously organize my day and clearly define my priorities and goals. 


Additionally, now that you are inviting daily, it's important that you have a LIST going of everyone you've contacted. (See my previous video on staying organized) You want to keep 'files' or some sort of list system where you can organize people you've invited, formed, their WHYs, etc, so you can FOLLOW UP with them and know how to speak to them (based on their motivation/why/challenges/goals).


Two great online FREE list services are ASANA.com and EVERNOTE.com. Using these programs doesn't mean you shouldn't be using your BAT or Power of 3's worksheets, but it will help you organize lists of all your people. BELIEVE ME, you may not have huge lists now, but all of the sudden one day you'll be overwhelmed with names and people and not sure who is on which program or who you've talked to about what. I use Google Docs and sync my laptop to my Docs so that I can access my Excel list at any time via my mobile app.


You WANT these lists to help you. You can set up your lists by interests, invites, coaches, discount members, programs, etc. See what sort of organization works for you. Post in our FB Group which free online service you decide to go with OR if you are using another software program to keep your files/invites organized like Excel or Google Docs like I do.
What program is working for you to stay organized?