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As this training winds down it is important to remember that with all the skills you are learning and refining, building relationships still remains at the center of your business. Your relationships with your Coaches and customers are the glue of your business. When you take the time to understand how people think and feel, you build mutual respect and trust. So take the time to become a people expert and learn what people need. Here are 6 things to keep in mind.


1. People need to feel special and valued. Use the Color Code Assessment to help you understand what motivates the people in your life.

2. People want a better tomorrow, be the person who gives them hope. Share your personal success with them in the beginning until they begin to experience it themselves.

3. People need direction. Ask them; what do you want and when do you want it? Then lead them there.

4. Put their needs first. Help them define their vision and goals. Start small and move them at their own pace.

5. People need an encourager in their lives. Be their cheerleader.

6. Always stay focused on helping others win, and in doing so, you will win!



Today’s action: Think of the relationships in your life and make a list of 3 people who have been a blocker in your life. Make a list of 3 people who have been an encourager in your life and share their names below. Now, make a list of 3 people you have been a blocker to, and 3 people you have encouraged.



Have you seen the Beachbody Code of Ethics? You can find it in the Policies and Procedures document section 1.7. Be sure you have read this document and fully understand your role as a Coach. As a leader it is vital to set an example for those around you. Share below your thoughts about this Code of Ethics




























Accountability partners and mentors—everyone should have them. If you don‘t already have an accountability partner, find one now. It could be someone in this Group or not. An accountability partner gives you someone to check in with to get support and encouragement for specific tasks. It is peer-to-peer and very successful. A mentor is someone different and does not need to be within your Beachbody family. In fact, you have the ability to be mentored virtually by many top Coaches by simply following them on Facebook to see what they do to be successful. These Coaches do not have the time to personally mentor individuals one-on-one, but they all allow you to follow what they do! Look for a mentor outside of Beachbody who is someone you look up to and understands what it means to be an entrepreneur. It can really help you see the bigger picture as to how your business can grow within your social and physical community. Others in the business community can also open doors for you and provide you with connections beyond what you thought was possible. Again, as the CEO of your own company you have to treat your coaching business just like anyone else starting out with a company would do. You can join your local Chamber of Commerce, the local Rotary Club or other organizations to make contacts and find a mentor. Learn from others who have gone before you and whose actions you will want to copy. It is up to you to get the support you need to grow as a leader.


Reach out to the Coaches on your Team and be sure to help them find an accountability partner. Share an idea of how you will find a mentor and who you might consider. What community organizations do you belong to or want to join?



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